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Unlimited survey responses

Practically no limit on the number of survey responses. So, the number of investors/ event attendees rating pitches doesn't matter.

Accessible from mobile and laptop

The Demo Day is compatible to every device regardless of the platform and screen size, therefore pitch rating from any device becomes possible.

Built-in timer to keep pitches on time

The in-built timer keeps your event on schedule. It alerts the presenter in-time and avoids the need for manual time management.

Customizable questions

Customize your event with relevant questions or choose from inbuilt surveys making it easy for you to set up events.

Unique event code

Each event is assigned a unique event code, so its easier to manage multiple events. Also, participating in the event is easy with unique event code.

Easy feedback sharing

Share feedback with presenters, investors or judges in just a few clicks. You can also export data in excel.

No registration needed

Pitch rating was never so easy. No pre-registration needed for investors & attendees, they just need to enter their email and the event code.

Simple event setup

Setting up event is so easy with in-built templates for various event types and predefined questions for all popular event types.

Discover why the Startup Demo Day App is a must-have for your next event

The Startup Demo Day App revolutionizes pitch events, making them engaging for investors & attendees and easy to manage for event organizers. It allows startups to pitch systematically while collecting crucial feedback from attendees in a tabulated format.

Create Feedback Form

  • Customize questions and create multiple rounds of judging criteria
  • Unique URL for each Demo Day Pitch Event
  • Drag and Drop companies to add/ remove/ arrange the pitching order
  • Ability to add schedules, locations, etc for each pitching company

Streamline Pitching Day

  • Provide pitch schedule in advance
  • Run the whole event from the platform
  • No last-minute rush for updated decks
  • Custom built-in timer on the screen to keep pitches on time
  • No registration is needed from investors & attendees

Real-time Feedback

  • Engage the audience
  • Collect crowd wisdom with unlimited survey responses
  • Event accessible from mobile or laptop with just an event code and email address

Share Feedback

  • Real-time tally of results
  • No manual tabulation needed
  • Easily share feedback with founders & investors
  • Feedback sharing through the platform or downloadable file

Our Pricing

Unbeatable pricing

Whitelabel Plan

$ 1499/ Year
  • Event Creation - No limits
  • Startup Registration - No Limits
  • Team Members - 5 Users

Event-Based Plan

$ 49/ Year
  • Valid For One Event
  • Startup Registration - No Limits
  • Team Members - 2 Users

Free Plan

$ 0
  • Event Creation - 1 Event
  • Startup Registration - 2 Startups
  • Team Members - 1 User