Applying Innovation: The Role of an App in Startup Pitching Events

Startup Pitching Events

According to recent statistics, there are around 150 million startups in the world, out of which 72,560 are operating across the US alone. However, over 90% of startups fail to make any impact and get shut down later. It not only crushes the dreams of startup founders but also denies angel investors the opportunity to invest their time, resources, and money in startups that are working on groundbreaking ideas and solutions to reduce customers’ pain points.

In addition, investors and startups also need to interact freely with each other at startup pitching events, which form an integral part of the startup ecosystem. These networking events bring together both investors and startup owners face-to-face for fruitful collaboration and success.

At these events, startups get an opportunity to showcase their products and services to a wide range of audiences, primarily angel investors and venture capitalists, while on the other hand, investors get a chance to explore various groundbreaking startup ideas and firms to invest in.

But it’s easier said than done. Much work goes on behind the scenes to make a startup pitching event successful. Organizing a pitch event can be a big challenge for event organizers and startup accelerators if they don’t have effective software smartly designed for demo day.

Here are some common pain points that organizers face while organizing demo day pitching events:

Survey Responses

One of the most critical aspects of demo day pitching events is obtaining feedback and ratings from attendees. At a live event, investors often find a few pitches interesting; however, as time passes, it becomes challenging for them to recall which startup presentations they liked, unless they revisit the event recording.

As a result, investors may miss opportunities to rate pitches or provide valuable feedback, often due to their busy schedules and the complexities involved in the process. This can be a significant setback for both startups and event organizers. Understanding how investors and event attendees perceive the event is essential. Startups are naturally curious about how their pitches were received by the audience.

Unfortunately, implementing real-time feedback collection can be a challenging task without a dedicated platform.

Recognizing this challenge, Startup Steroids developed DemoDay, which empowers event organizers and angel investors with unlimited survey responses that include tailor-made questions.

Through this app, a single startup pitch can be rated by the entire audience with a simple QR code. This means there are no limits on the number of survey responses, enabling more investors to engage with startups and event organizers. Investors can also provide crucial feedback, which can play a pivotal role in shaping the final product. Additionally, organizers can assess the interest level of attendees in real-time, making it easier to schedule deep-dive calls or provide soft estimates for interested investors.

Built-in Timer

Another major hassle that event organizers face is the time limit. In a traditional startup pitching event, most startups get an allocated time to deliver their startup pitch. Many times, startup founders go beyond the stipulated time while delivering their pitch. It not only fails the purpose of the pitch but also makes the event go haywire.

To ensure that the event goes smoothly without any issue, a built-in timer is a must to take care of the event pitches and schedule. It helps organizers ensure that the presenter gets the allocated time to complete their pitch and also alerts the presenters and organizers as the stipulated time comes to an end with a warning buzzing sound.

Compatibility Factor

Moreover, alongside the timer, compatibility is another significant issue. Angel investors use various types of handsets and smart devices for their day-to-day work. For pitching events, they mostly prefer using an app, which is compatible with various devices depending upon their convenience.

Our DemoDay can be used across devices without any need to download it. All you need is a QR code to get started. Furthermore, organizers can restrict attendees by making the QR code private or confidential. Thus, organizers get additional features of safety and convenience with the app.

Setting up a Pitching Event

Setting up a pitching event on an app is difficult if not done right. However, creating an event is a matter of a few clicks only on our app. Take advantage of our built-in template for various event types and predefined questions to set up an event and get a unique event code on it. For events which are frequent, moreover, the organizers can save the event as a template and organize the new event with a few clicks on DemoDay.

See What Our Clients Have to Say About Our App

Recently, Pismo Ventures, a virtual incubator providing proven business strategies and resources to firms developing high-end technology solutions, used our app at the Life Science Symposium, a networking event.

According to JJ Richa, CEO of Pismo Ventures, “It was the first time we tried using Startup Steroid’s, and it was amazing. The registration process for startups was quick and seamless. The app also allowed us to use Eventbrite for ticketing and then integrate it with the app.”

Watch The Full Video Here

Adding further, JJ said, “This app is much easier to use, more intuitive, and less complex than other platforms. I love the idea of a timer showing up when the presenter is delivering their pitch. Interestingly, the timer buzzes at the end of the presentation, helping investors and presenters understand that the allocated time for the particular startup pitch is now over.”

In Conclusion

Having all the information accessible on an all-in-one platform allows investors and startup owners to make quicker and more informed decisions. It streamlines the pitch process, making life easier for both parties. Last but not least, comes with an unflinching commitment to customer support services. Want to know more? Create your first event for free on DemoDay to get started! We are always ready to assist you with any needs. Feel free to call us at +1 (209) 231-4575 for more information.

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